Nikon Updates SnapBridge App to Version 2.0

Nikon just updated their SnapBridge app to Version 2.0, boasting an improved user interface as well as increased smartphone and cloud functionality.

Backing up a few steps, Nikon SnapBridge is a free app for iOS or Android devices that allows you to tether your smartphone and tablets to Nikon cameras with feature built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which is pretty much all of them for the last couple years. Once connected, SnapBridge allowed you to transfer 2MP jpegs directly to your device, for editing and digital sharing, as well as allowing you to use your device as a remote display with access to certain features.

It's a pretty common feature across most camera brands these days, of course, but I've never been a huge fan of SnapBridge 1.0, finding a better, less-buggy experience in Canon and Olympus camera apps.

However, SnapBridge 2.0 should be a game changer for Nikon owners thanks to three key upgrades:

1) Enhanced Interface and Connectivity. Not only is 2.0 going to look cleaner and more modern (and I can attest to this personally -- I saw a version of it in Beta two months ago), the app will let you get to Help functions more quickly and also let you know the status of your connection. It's also designed to save more (phone) battery life when not in use, and guide users through setup, navigation, and usage, which should make the whole thing easier to use. Plus, you can now use one smart device with up to 5 separate Nikon cameras.

2) Greater Remote Photography Functions. While the results won't be the same on every single camera, you can expect much more control over your camera's settings when using your smart device as a remote control. "Users also now have access to exposure modes (P/S/A/M), shutter speed, aperture value, exposure compensation, ISO sensitivity, and white balance. "

3) Nikon Image Space Integration. Nikon Image Space is a cloud-bast photo storage and sharing platform. Anyone can sign up for a FREE 2GB account and if you're a Nikon camera owner, you can get a FREE 20GB plan. With SnapBridge 2.0, a Nikon camera, and a Nikon Image Space account, you'll be able to "upload an unlimited of 2MB images ideal for sharing on the go. In addition, photos taken using remote photography can now be uploaded to NIKON IMAGE SPACE automatically."

Our reaction? 

SnapBridge 1.0 was just-okay in my experience, but Version 2.0 sounds very promising and I can't wait to try it out. It's still a bummer that you can't transfer RAW files or larger .jpgs, but the 2MP size works great for social media and checking your work between setups and locations. 

SnapBridge 2.0 is available now via the iOS and Android app stores OR check your smart device for updates.