Nikon unleashes a new flagship HD-SLR: the D810

Hot off the press, Nikon USA has just rolled out a very impressive new D-series powerhouse; the Nikon D810. The days of using a DSLR for still photos only are long gone, and with the advancements in HD video recording from professional series models, like the D810, even serious cinematographers are using these high-end cameras to shoot everything from TV commercials to movies. While the D810 touts some top-of-the-line features to help professional photogs freeze a moment in time, Nikon has really upgraded this model with features that are aimed directly at those looking to shoot a lot of video; high-quality video. Of these is their new Flat picture mode, which allows for easier color grading in post production, along with Smooth Exposure that offers cleaner transitions from dark to bright scenes; and vise versa. All still images and video are captured by a newly designed 36-megapixel, FX-format (full frame) CMOS image sensor that offers no optical low pass filter for increased detail and dynamic range. This image sensor is mated with their EXPEED 4 processor, which Nikon boasts is 40% faster than their EXPEED 3 from previous models.

To get more details about this awe-inspiring new camera, see our Nikon D810 HD-SLR Preview.