Nikon Reveals Photographer's Impressions of its New Mirrorless Camera

We're only two days away from Nikon's big event in Tokyo. They've been teasing a new mirrorless camera and lens mount for the past month and today they released their most revealing video so far. 

In Nikon's latest pursuit of light series, photographers from around the world give their impressions of the new product they're going to reveal... and this could be a big deal. 

No one really knows what kind of camera they're going to announce, but the hope is that it's a mirrorless camera that can compete with the ones Sony has been pumping out over the last few years. If these testimonials are to be taken to heart, then they may have achieved that goal, and even more.  

Nature photographer Marcela Van Oosten has this to say about the camera:

"It feels just like a DSLR, but physically, it's totally different. Because it's so light weight.... it's really great I can still use all of my F mount lenses on this new camera."

That's the big news here, the one detail everyone was wondering about. Nikon had been teasing a new lens mount and lens which would be the first new lens mount for a professional Nikon camera since the F mount debuted in 1959.

That's sixty years of outstanding glass that becomes available for the camera. That could be all the selling point people on the fence between Sony and Nikon need to stick with Nikon. Lenses are expensive, switching to a whole new ecosystem can cost many times more than what you paid for the new camera itself. Who knows what kinds of lens features will work or how many F lenses will be fully compatible with the new camera, but this is excellent news indeed. 

The video gives us the first real-world light images of the camera itself. Though it's just corners and a screen and images from the side, it certainly looks like the camera Nikon needed to release right now. It's not a small mirrorless camera for beginners, this looks like a camera for people who know what they want in a camera.  

With the recent news that Sony is now the number seller of full-frame digital cameras, this couldn't come at a more urgent time for Nikon. Let's hope this new camera and lens mount system is the cat's pajamas and brings another powerhouse mirrorless camera to market. 

Source: SONY