Nikon Heartography featuring Grizzler, the Canine Photographer

Have you ever seen photos taken by a dog? If not, stay tuned.

Nikon has launched a marketing campaign called Heartography asking "What if emotions could take photographs?".

They go on to say "Photos can capture the world's beauty within a single frame, and photographers translate what they feel into what others can see. With a device that reacts to increased heart rates, we can literally connect emotions to every photo."

To demonstrate the Heartography concept, Nikon developed a system that includes a special elastic collar that detects heart rate, then transmits it via Bluetooth to a special case housing a Coolpix L31 Camera, as shown in the photo above.


They have a video featuring Grizzler, a dog they are calling the World's First Canine Photographer, using this system. When Grizzler's heart rate increases due to excitement, a photo is captured.

The special case has buttons that allow the threshold to be set for heart rate before photos are taken with a built in mechanical arm. There's an OLED monitor that displays the heart rate while it's being monitored by the collar, snapping images when the threshold is met.

Only time will tell if Heartography will be launched as a product, perhaps with different types of sensors for different types of photographers (or perhaps we should say "phodographer"). :-)

Until then, make sure to visit the web page about Heartography that Nikon-Asia setup at

Watch this video to see how Grizzler became a canine photographer with Nikon's help: