Nikon Brings us More Images of Space

Nikon Nasa.jpg

There's very little that's cooler than space exploration.  It's absolutely fascinating to see, and Nikon has brought several images from the International Space Station down to us on Earth.

The images, which you can see in their full scale on the Nikon Press page, focus on the STS-131 mission's extravehicular activities.  There are some tremendous photos of the sun just peeking out behind the Earth, and a few very impressive shots of a spacewalk in action.

Nikon sent some new equipment up to the space station on the latest shuttle launch including a Nikon D3S that snapped a majority of the nighttime photographs from the recent mission.  The ISS also carries eight Nikon DSXS cameras that were specially modified for extravehicular activities, 36 different Nikkor lenses, seven SB-800 speedlights and four specially made eyepieces that allow for image framing through a space helmet.