Nikon Announces Categories and Submission Dates for Photo Contest International


The Nikon Photo Contest is a fantastic way to get your photography noticed and, of course, to win some sweet new gear from Nikon.  This year's contest has been officially announced, with the entry dates running from September 1 to November 31.

You'll be able to enter a total of four photos- two in each category.  The theme category this year is Energy, which can be about anything that, as Nikon puts it, "captures the energy of sights and subjects that inspire, motivate or excite you or viewers."  The second category is free subject, so you can submit anything you'd like.

The grand prize winner will receive a Nikon 3DS camera with a pair of NIKKOR lenses.  Different cameras will be given out to all prize winners down to the Emerging Talent Award runners up who will net a COOLPIX S1000pj.  All winners will have the chance to be featured on the Nikon Photo Contest International website.

You can find more info, such as what format you need to send your picture in, rules for submission and more at the Nikon Photo Contest International website.