Nikon and National Geographic Give You a Chance to Go on Assignment with Digital Nomad Andrew Evans

Nikon Contest.jpg A new contest from Nikon and National Geographic gives you the chance to shoot photos with Andrew Evans, known as the Digital Nomad. You'll be sent to the Galapagos for the shoot and you'll even have some of your work featured on the Digital Nomad blog.

The contest itself is fairly open ended. To enter, you need to submit a photo of something or someone that's very important to you along with a paragraph explaining why. You may also send three unrelated photos if you wish to show off more of what you can do.

Five first-place winners will get themselves a Nikon D600 and will be asked to shoot and submit more photos. Of those, one will be selected to go on assignment with Evans.

You can register and submit your work through National Geographic. Submissions end on November 25th.