Nikon 1 Mirrorless Camera Line Officially Discontinued

(the original Nikon V1 camera releases in 2011)

Nikon hasn't added a new camera or upgrade to its mirrorless Nikon 1 series cameras since the Nikon 1 J5 three years ago. The original V1 and J1 camera out in September of 2011. The V1 was supposed to be a camera for photo enthusiasts as Nikon claimed it was the smallest/lightest interchangeable lens camera with an electronic viewfinder.

The problem was Nikon cut corners and put a tiny CX sensor inside all the Nikon 1 cameras that have a 2.7x 35mm crop equivalent. It was a very short-sighted thing to do. It's almost as if they didn't see the real value in mirrorless other than selling a cheap point and shoot to someone who wasn't serious about photography. Yet, they still released 11 different cameras and 12 different lenses in the line up in four years either to trick the public that they were different and better or because they thought they would eventually upgrade them. Meanwhile, Sony, Fuji, and Olympus were all creating small cameras with larger sensors that operated like actual cameras. Four years is not a long time for a product line. But it also makes sense they put an end to it.

Nikon has been rumored for months now to be working on a full frame mirrorless camera and other high-end mirrorless products. The Nikon 1 series is kind of like a cell phone camera, but with a better lens. Yet, it lacks all the connectivity and features that make it useful for other things... like a cell phone. If you're gonna sell a small camera it has to be significantly better than a smartphone and be able to post to social media, because almost all the photos posted to social media right now are taken with a smartphone.

Source: NIKON