Nikon D100 and Coolpix 2500 Cameras Stolen from Nikon Germany Warehouse

From our friends at comes this information:
    On the 21st of December 2002, there was a burglary in the warehouse of Nikon Germany. 192 D100 digital SLRs and 100 Coolpix 2500 cameras were stolen. There is a reward from Nikon of up to 36,000 EUR for any information about the stolen cameras. A list of the serial numbers from the stolen D100s (at least a part of) along with some contact information can be found - in German - under the following link: (this is a Word document not a web page.)
If you're planning on buying a D100 from a seller on eBay or someone other than a regular Nikon dealer it would be wise to ask for the serial number and check it against this list before you pay your money.