New York Times Launches a Tumblr Site to Display Photo Archive

New York Times - Lively-Morgue.jpgThe New York Times has an incredible history of incredible stories and remarkable photographs. The new Tumblr site launched by the storied newspaper lets you experience both.

The site is known as The Lively Morgue, in reference to the paper's photo archive which is known simply as The Morgue. They'll be updating the site weekly with new pictures and a bit of context for the picture.

Commenting on the archive, the David W. Dunlap of the New York Times said that there are at least five or six million prints and plenty more negatives and contact sheets for an estimated 10 million photos. "The picture archive also includes 13,500 DVDs, each storing about 4.7 gigabytes worth of imagery," he writes. That comes out to around 63,000 gigabytes worth of data.

The Lively Morgue

(via PetaPixel)