New Ski Goggle Accessory Doubles as a Viewfinder for Your Contour Camera, and So Much More

If you haven't been paying attention to ski goggle technology - don't worry, neither were we - it turns out that we're living in the future. Thanks to the Micro Optic Display (aka MOD) created by Recon Instruments, you can check GPS information, speed and even view text messages right on your goggles.

A partnership between Contour and Recon Instruments takes it a step further. Attach MOD Live to your goggles and pair it with your Contour+ or ContourGPS digital video camera and you'll be able to see what your camera sees.

MOD Live provides a display that appears to the eye as a 14 inch screen and lets you use your goggles as a viewfinder for your camera. No more worrying about whether or not the footage looks good after you've already gone down the hill - you can watch it in real time.

The app isn't available yet, but when it launches you'll be able to pick it up from Recon Instruments. You can pick up your MOD or MOD Live direct from Recon Instruments Online Shop.