New Ricoh GR-2 Successor Reported to Have a 36MP Curved Full Frame Sensor!

(Ricoh GR-2 shown)

When the Ricoh GR-2 came out a few years ago, it changed street photography. There was suddenly a point and shoot camera that you could stick in your pocket that took incredible no fuss pictures. It especially excelled at black and white images. The contrast is insane.

Check out this picture of Auschwitz taken by A Fortunate Traveler.

Ricoh GR2 A fortunate Traveler.jpg
(Photo taken by A Fortunate Traveler)

That's a powerful image of a place that should have such resonance in a photograph. That it came from a camera with fixed lens is insane. But then there was nothing.

Literally nothing for over two years. The Ricoh and Pentax brand still put the GR-2, but there was no news of an update, no news of any upgrades and two years in the world of digital photography with no upgrades might as well be ten years. DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras have made leaps and bounds in the last two years alone. Sony has put out two versions of the A7R, the A7S and introduced the A90.

As the larger brands have been updating the big guys, the point and shoot market have remained stagnant, until now.

2018, is going to be the last big Photokina show, as they're no longer going to be having the show every two years. What does the mean? It's time for all the manufacturers to put their cards on the table, and that includes Ricoh, who may be bringing a new GR-E to the dance.

Keep in mind these are all rumors, but they're HUGE rumors. The purported new GR-E is supposed to have specs like:

  • 36MP curved sensor
  • To be announced in spring or early summer
  • Price: $1,800
  • 122.0 mm (W) × 64.7 mm (H) × 39.8 mm (D)
  • 28mm f/2.4 lens (non-retractable)
  • Customizable lens ring
  • ISO 51,200
  • New battery
Though the lens is only a 2.4, it's still fast enough, and that new curved full frame sensor should put other camera manufacturers on notice.

Get excited, folks. I am.