New Poll Determines Which Camera Brand Has the Best Color

Have you ever wondered which camera brand offers the best color science? Well, a new video posted by the Tony & Chelsea Northrup channel on YouTube aims to determine just that... and the results might surprise you.

Using various JPG images taken by a Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Fuji camera, Northrup had 1,500 photographers participate in a blind poll to determine which brand had the "best" color. To be clear, participants were not choosing which photos were the most accurate, just which colors looked the best to them based on personal preference. The selection of images included various casual snapshots and portraits in both indoors and outdoors settings. 

Check out the full video below!

And based on the polling here's a look at the results:

1. Sony: 1336 points
2. Fuji: 227 points
3. Nikon: -518 points
4. Canon: -605 points

As part of the polling process, Northrup tried to weed out brand loyalty as a factor by presenting the images to the participants either without any labeling or with incorrect brand labeling. Likewise, the images were shown separately and as part of a group to help determine how much of an impact side-by-side comparisons have on color science.

Beyond determining a winner, the results also pointed to a few potentially surprising conclusions about how we determine color preferences. In fact, when shown the same images a few minutes apart, only 8% of the participants consistently chose the same photo as their favorite. Likewise, the impact of color science ended up being relatively small when the photos were shown separately and only really became a factor when the photos were shown side-by-side, revealing that "color science" might actually be a bit more arbitrary and fluid than some might think.

Source: Tony & Chelsea Northrup (YouTube)