New Photoshop Plugin Removes Backgrounds with One Click has announced the arrival of a Photoshop plugin for its background removal app. Previously, the service was only available as a standalone web app via an internet browser.

With the plugin for Photoshop, users can quickly and easily remove the background of an image with just one click via Artificial Intelligence powered cut-outs -- greatly simplifying a task that usually takes considerably more time. Of course, the process isn't flawless and there are some notable limitations with certain content, but the results are typically quite workable considering the amount of time saved. Likewise, the plugin can also create a layer mask of the resulting cutout for further tweaking if needed.

Users can download the plugin from the Adobe Exchange. In order to use the extension, customers will also have to sign up for the API key. The service offers a variety of plans, starting with a free option that enables one HD (2500x1600) and 50 small image (625x400) background removals per month. Meanwhile, paid plans for a variety of resolutions and monthly image quotas start at $9 per month and go as high as a whopping $9,950 per month. The current max resolution supported by the API is 4,000x2,500.

CLICK HERE for a full rundown of pricing options.

Beyond the new Photoshop plugin, also continues to be offered as a free web browser app, enabling unlimited small (652x400) background removals.