New Mavic Zoom 2 and Mavic Pro 2 Accidentally Leaked

(original Twitter Post by Brett Thake)

Drones have changed the way amateurs and professionals alike capture video and stills. It's now possible to get shots with a $300 piece of equipment that used to cost tens of thousands of dollars in helicopter and gear rentals. Despite the difference in cost, drones are also quick and easy to use. Some can fit into a backpack and be up and running in seconds.

DJI has been on the forefront of consumer/prosumer drones since the craze started and now it looks like they're taking it even further.

They just accidentally revealed the new Mavic 2 Zoom and Mavic 2 Pro in a UK advertisement. The original news got leaked to the world when Brett Thake tweeted a picture of the ad and wrote:

"Of all places to confirm the Mavic 2 its Argos UK - 2 additions being released Mavic 2 Zoom and Mavic 2 Pro (1" CMOS sensor) -- both 31 mins of flight time, 8km range and 1080P live video transmission,"

A 1" sensor is a big upgrade to the drone and something consumers have been asking for. The Mavic's are easy to use and take great images, but they were limited with their 1/2.3" sensor. The 8K range and 1080p live streaming is a huge bonus as well, we're talking about a live feed that's good enough for spies.

DJI didn't even try an dismiss the leak either as they confirmed it in an emailed statement emails to CNET:

"This preprinted catalogue was scheduled before we postponed our 'See the Bigger Picture' event to ensure we can deliver high-quality, cutting-edge technology to our customers according to our standard of innovation," the company wrote. "This early look just hints at the many exciting features and capabilities DJI will announce at the proper time. We look forward to giving our fans an incredible drone experience as soon as we can."

However the news got out, it's one that consumers are ready for.

Source: CNET