New Lifeproof Camera Review Posted; Canon's PowerShot D20

D20_Blue_Front.jpgToday seems to be all about Canon; which isn't necessarily a bad thing. We've just finished publishing our hands on review of Canon's long awaited PowerShot D10 successor; the PowerShot D20. Being it's been about three years since the D10 was introduced, you can imagine that the new D20 has various upgrades compared to its predecessor. These include a host of PowerShot 2012 features, like Canon's HS system, a fast 12-megapixel CMOS image sensor, DIGIC 4 processor, Full 1080p HD video recording, and various Lifeproof specs; like being waterproof down to 33 feet (3 meters).

To get the full scoop, head on over to our full PowerShot D20 review.