New Israeli Startup Hopes to Improve Smartphone Cameras

Corephotonics, a newer Israeli tech startup, has been raising funds to launch their new dual-camera technology since 2012. They just announced that their second funding campaign has raised an additional 17.8 million dollars, pushing their total funding to approx. 28 million. 

Their new technology hopes to dramatically improve the quality of smartphone cameras, with the ability to use optical zoom up to 5x; without compromising on size. 

We've tested some "smartphones" with optical zooms in the past (like Samsung's Galaxy S4 Zoom), and while the addition of a zoom lens is appreciated, the additional size and weight are not. 

With Corephotonics' dual camera system, which uses two 13-megapixel cameras side-by-side, smartphone makers won't need to compromise size and weight to gain better image quality; as least, that's the claim. 

We're excited to see whether or not this new technology will be used by some of the big players in the smartphone market. Check out Corephotonics' website to learn more about their dual camera technology. 

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