New Full Frame Camera from Sigma Coming

(Sigman APS-C sensor sized Quattro shown)

Sigma is known in the US more for their lenses than their cameras, but they're hoping that their alliance with Panasonic and Leica changes all that as Sigma announced the development of their first full-frame mirrorless camera.

Sigma's Foveon sensor technology will be at the heart of this new camera. Sigma's Foveon sensors at first glance should capture color and light better than any other sensor as they're designed more like 35mm film.

mosaic sensor.png
(traditional camera sensor)

Most camera sensors capture light with Mosaic sensors, which use a single photosensitive silicon layer to capture light with a color filter array on top to capture color.

Sigma Foveon.png
(Sigma Foveon technology)

Sigma's Foveon sensors don't have a color filter, but instead uses three silicon layers stacked on top of each other to capture blue, red and green light.

It should be so much better, right? So far in their APS-C sized cameras and smaller it hasn't been the case. Perhaps upscaling the technology will make better use of its abilities and give the room it needs to shine.

The interesting thing is that Sigma is adopting the L mount for all its Sigma made cameras, forgoing their own SA mount. You might be wondering why? Well, in a statement from SIGMA, they explain their reasoning:

"For the development of a new and long-requested full-frame mirrorless camera, the adoption of an optimal, new lens mount system became a necessary step in order to achieve new standards in usability and performance.
While we did consider developing a new mount system in the beginning, the results of technical surveys and investigations led us to the conclusion that Leica Camera AG's L-mount offers an ideal solution in terms of our short flange back distance and optical design requirements. With our partnership with Leica Camera AG and Panasonic Corporation, we hope to offer a camera system with much greater scalability than possible as a independent manufacturer.

All future interchangeable-lens camera systems developed by SIGMA will feature the L-mount. SIGMA does not plan to develop new cameras equipped with an SA-mount."

SIGMA is also offering customers who bought SA mount lens the opportunity to have them converted to L mount if they choose. If they don't choose, there will, of course, be an SA to L mount adaptor.

There are no real details regarding the new camera except that the Sigma L-mount full-frame Foveon sensor camera and the first Sigma L-mount lenses will be released at some point in 2019.