Nevercenter Releases CameraBag Desktop 1.5


If you've not used CameraBag, it's a pretty popular photo filter tool that works with both PCs and Macs that's designed to emulate the analog era. 

CameraBag is a simple program that lets users recreate some of the most iconic cameras, film styles and processing techniques of days gone by. You can even combine and layer the filters to create completely unique effects.

The latest update, which is free to CameraBag users, adds batch processing and the ability to share and save custom filters.  If you've created something you really like, not only will you be able to hold on to the filter for future use, but you'll be able to share the love.

"People like CameraBag because it's simple," said John Plewe of Nevercenter, "but [it] doesn't take away from the creative process." You can pick up CameraBag 1.5 now for $19.