Neovoyage Launches Photography Tours

You may not have heard of Neovoyage.  As the name implies, they're new.  The tours, brought to you by Cybernium and Neocamera are built around a single purpose: letting photographers do what they do.

On trips with Neovoyage, the logistics are all taken care of.  They plan the trip, they find the most photogenic places to visit, and the best times to visit them.  Neovoyage takes care of everything but the actual photography.

Each trip will be planned with photography in mind from day one.  According to Neovoyage, the most important part of that is timing.  "The time of the year, day of the week and time of day are all carefully selected so that chances of agreeable weather are high, events are at their liveliest and light enhances photographic potential."

The maiden Neovoyage is a two week trip to Ecuador.  This incredibly diverse country offers a huge variety in landscapes and is home to over four percent of the world's species.  On the trip, you'll see unique markets, take a birding tour, visit an impressive cemetery and photograph the world's largest active volcano.

The first tour from Neovoyage kicks off on August 9th.  The 14 day tour will run $3,350 based on double occupancy.  You'll have to pony up an additional $600 if you need your own room.