Mustek's New GSmart 350 - World's First Digicam To Incorporate Kopin's CyberDisplay

Mustek GSmart 350

Mustek Systems Inc. is pleased to announce a new addition to its current digital camera family, the GSmart 350. Incorporate with Kopin's color CyberDisplayTM LCD, GSmart 350 is a 350K pixels VGA resolution Digital Still Camera (DSC) that is not only compact in size but also versatile in functions.

Mustek is the world's first vendor to incorporate Kopin's CyberDisplayTM technology to DSC. Two to three times the resolution of a 90,000 - 110,000 pixel 1.8" - 2.0" LCD display, the CyberDisplayTM is an Active-Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD) that has 320 x 240 full color resolution. The result is the bright vivid color images (76,800 pixels) mimicking having a PC monitor built-into a camera that enables viewing of the most realistic virtual images one or four at a time even under direct sunlight. True framing and exposure feedback, what you see is what you get, while significantly reducing power requirements.

In addition to the 1MB of built-in memory, the GSmart 350 also provide a standard CompactFlash card slot to allow the freedom of expanding and portability. The USB interface provides an efficient way of transferring the captured image to your PC/Notebook. The unique Bus Power design requires no battery power while USB is connected, therefore, no power adapter will be needed. The design of alkaline battery support allows the user to purchase them anywhere. Only 3 batteries supports up to 1,000 shots.