Must See Photos: Stephen Wilkes' Day to Night

Stephen Wilkes has traveled the world as a photographer for the last twenty years. You may have seen his work in New York Times Magazine, Vanity Fair, Time, or as I just did, in Wired, where the geek-chic magazine chronicled Wilkes' incredible and stunning Day to Night series.

To quote Wilkes from his biography, Day to Night "embodies epic cityscapes with fleeting moments throughout the day to the night. Wilkes photographs from one camera angle continuously for approximately 15 hours. A select group of images are then electronically blended into one photograph. The work has inspired huge positive response by the public and press. Each photograph takes months to develop and a plan for more images is in the works."

According to Wired, Wilkes is extremely focused when producing a Day to Night photograph. The only person he allows to speak to him is his assistant, which may sound a little diva-esque, but stems from Wilkes fear of variables. If the camera moves at all, if the wind changes in the wrong way, if something arrives blocks his view, if the night shots aren't properly exposed... Countless hours could be erased in a snap. And after an extremely long day of production, Wilkes and his assistant narrow upwards of a thousand stills, down to about fifty. From there, Wilkes edits those together, a process which can take weeks. 

I wish there was an emoticon for "mind explosion." Here are few examples from Day to Night: