Must See Photos: Know Where You Stand by Seth Taras

When The History Channel needed a worldwide branding campaign, they turned to Seth Taras, an award-winning, self-taught American artist/photographer. Seth went on to create Know Where You Stand, a stunning mash up of historical photograph negatives overlaid into modern times. Seriously, imagine how much more impact the past could have if you took a trip to a place like Paris or Berlin and realized you were standing in Adolf Hitler's shadow.

The four Know Where You Stand photographs -- which won the Cannes Lion Award for best brand campaign -- are simply stunning. A reminder how dramatically the world can change even when the landmarks stay the same.

Normandy Beach 1944 / 2004
seth-taras_history_know_normandy 2.jpg

The Berlin Wall
Brandenburg Gate 1989 / 2004
Lakehurst New Jersey 1937 / 2004

Paris 1940 / 2004