Must See Photos: Have You Heard of Creative Dad, Jason Lee?

jason lee - angry birds.jpg
Surfing ye olde Interwebs last week for funny photos to post on Steve's Facebook Timeline, I happened upon a stray Google Image depicting a little girl duct taped to a wall by her mischievous sister (see first photo below). Needless to say, I had to click on the full-sized image to see if it was on the up and up. It took me a couple seconds to realize it wasn't  about some terrible parents who torture their children.

Instead, I was introduced to a wonderfully creative and loving father, photographer Jason Lee, who collaborates with his two daughters, Krista and Kayla, to create digitally-enhanced photographs of the girls getting in all sorts of fabricated trouble. Lee's photos recently went viral, with the blogosphere collectively calling him "Creative Dad". In fact, as I was prepping this article, WIRED Magazine posted an interview with Mr. Lee. There you can read about how Mr. Lee was inspired to create these photos to put a smile of the face of his sick mother (and also to make sure his young, germ-prone daughters didn't make her even more sick).

Lee's a super-talented photographer, with an eye that not only works well for silly things, but for beautifully framed, personal moments. Lee's main business is wedding photography, but good luck getting him now. He told WIRED his mailbox is full with requests from the media and prospective clients.

Here's a few more of Jason Lee's amazing, must see photos of Krista and Kayla, but there are tons more on on their photoblog.

jason lee - 101 uses for gaffers tape.jpg
jason lee - catch of the day.jpg
jason lee - fast and furious.jpg
jason lee - happy fathers day.jpg
jason lee - its like a breath of fresh air.jpg
jason lee - let your hair down.jpg
jason lee - mom always said.jpg
jason lee - practice makes perfect.jpg
jason lee - ready for lift off.jpg
jason lee - see saw.jpg
jason lee - swing for the fences.jpg
jason lee - when push comes to shove.jpg
jason lee - you light up my life.jpg