Museum of London Meshes Augmented Reality and Historical Photography

London Augmented Reality.jpg

Augmented reality is in the news again, and it's gotten even cooler.  The Museum of London put the technology to a less gimmicky, more practical use by combining it with history.

Using an iPhone App called Streetmuseum, Londoners can see what their city looked like centuries before.  Want to see what Piccadilly Circus looked like in the 60's?  How about after the Great Fire of 1666?  It's all there.

The app brings up photographs and even paintings from London's history and overlays them on top of the image you're seeing through your phone.  From there, you can tap the screen for more info on the history of the area.

Since it's an app from the Museum of London, there's no availability in the states yet.  If you're based out of the UK, or if you're planning a trip, this would be a really interesting way to explore the city while simultaneously exploring the history of London through photography.