Most Popular Cameras and Lenses for Reuters' Photos of the Year

Reuters-PO2012.jpgAfter Reuters revealed the 95 Photos of the Year for 2012, one Reddit user named Hallbuzz decided to look into them further. After sorting EXIF data and doing a bit of graphing, Hallbuzz was able to present us with an interesting look into the kind of gear that's used most in award winning pictures.

In terms of prime lenses, 24mm and 50mm tie at 17.6 percent. There's no question in the zoom category though, where over half of the pictures shot with a zoom lens were through a 16-35mm lens. The analysis also covers things like shutter speed, F-Stop and ISO.

Take the camera ratings with a grain of salt. Though the results are indeed accurate, it needs to be considered that Reuters is a Canon company, resulting in almost all of the cameras being used in these photos being Canon branded.

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