Mirrorless Camera Sales Increase Worldwide, Make Up Nearly Half of Sales in Japan

Mirrorless-sales.jpgThe Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) has just revealed 2011's camera sales figures, dividing mirrorless and SLR cameras into their own categories and we've learned some very interesting things.

First, and probably not too surprisingly, Japan leads the charge into the era of non-reflex cameras. Mirrorless sales made up 42% of Japan's 2011 sales, but even more telling is what happened later in the year. From October to December, mirrorless camera sales were the majority.

The US hasn't embraced the new cameras to the same extent, but they did make up 13% of sales - an increase over last year. Again, the final quarter of the year proved most interesting as sales went up from 12.5% the previous quarter to an impressive 22.1%.