Mini and Micro USB On One Cable So You Always Have the Right Charger

Trying to remember what kind of charger your camera, phone or other device takes can be a pain. The adoption of USB was supposed to make things easier, but with Micro USB and Mini USB, things can get very confusing.

The newest cable from the folks at StarTech was made to fix that. "We had feedback that people were getting frustrated having to purchase multiple cables with different connectors for their various portable electronic devices," says product manager Keith Rodriguez, "so we developed this unique cable as a convenient, cost-saving way to solve that problem."

The cable is three feet long and sports a standard USB plug on one end and a two sided Mini USB and Micro USB plug on the other. It can provide both power and data and can be used with a PC, Mac or a wall charger.

You can pick up the combo cable on Amazon now for a cool $8.00.