MindShift Launches 180 Degree Pro Backpack

Rotation.jpgThe folks at MindShift have created a new pack that's specifically aimed towards photographers that can't afford to stop to access their gear. The MindShift rotation180 allows you to access the gear from the rotating waist pouch without having to take the pack off, or even stop walking.

The pack on the rotation180 holds a pro sized DSLR and a pair of lenses, or a 70-200mm lens attached to a pro body. Along with that, you've got a backpack that will hold just about everything else you could need, be it camping supplies or another DSLR and up to four additional lenses.

"Our goal was to build a technical day pack that provides unprecedented access to one's gear, protection, and plenty of room for other outdoor essentials," says MindShift co-founder Doug Murdoch.

See MindShift's website for more details.