Milleniata Launches the M-Disc For Up to 1,000 Years of Storage

Digital storage is incredibly convenient, but it's not exactly long-lasting. Discs last for a while before they go bad, but even prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause problems. Hard drives go bad, memory cards get corrupt and uploaded photos aren't guaranteed to be there if the service you use shuts down.

A company called Milleniata has a solution that they think is going to work out nicely. It's called M-Disc and instead of using a plastic coating over the data layer, Milleniata simply etches the data into a rock like disc that they say will last as long as a thousand years. Not too shabby, right?

Here's where it gets really cool. M-Discs hold as much as a standard DVD and are read compatible with both current DVD and Blu-ray drives. They're not too expensive either - a pack of 10 will cost you $26.59. You'll need a special drive to write to the discs though. That's going to be supplied by Hitachi-LG at a price not yet announced.

More can be found on Milleniata's website.