MetaCreations Announces New Kai's Power Tools 6 For Adobe Photoshop

CARPINTERIA, Calif.--Oct. 25, 1999--MetaCreations® today announced Kai's Power Tools® 6, the most recent release in the award-winning KPT series of image effects for print and the Web. MetaCreations KPT 6 contains Adobe® Photoshop® compatible plug-ins that provide professional graphic designers, digital artists and Web content developers new, powerful image effects to creatively enhance their digital content. This extraordinary collection of image effects includes eight plug-ins from the KPT X series, including KPT Goo, KPT Gel and KPT Equalizer, powerful new professional plug-ins such as KPT Materializer and KPT Projector, plus two bonus plug-ins originally developed by RAYflect.

Plug-in applications featured in KPT 6:

  • KPT® Equalizer offers three robust sharpen filters
  • KPT® Goo allows artists to "finger-paint"
  • KPT® Projector includes a robust set of interactive perspective warp effects.
  • KPT® Gel transcends 2D imaging applications by delivering realistic 3D paint tools.
  • KPT® Materializer creates dynamic surface textures.
  • KPT® LensFlare creates realistic glows, halos, and lens reflections.
  • KPT® Turbulence creates real-time 2D wave distortions by simply clicking on an image to produce distortion ripples with realistic fluid motion.
  • KPT® Reaction allows artists to create organic textures.
In addition to the eight plug-ins detailed above, two additional bonus plug-ins originally developed by RAYflect will also be included in the KPT 6 package:
  • KPT® SceneBuilder provides the tools to create realistic 3D scenes.
  • KPT® SkyEffects delivers the tools to create stormy skies, breathtaking sunsets, and moonlit nights even rainbows.
KPT 6 will be available for Macintosh® and Windows® for Adobe Photoshop 4 or later (or compatible host), for a suggested retail price of US .00.