Memory Card Survives Over a Year in the Atlantic Ocean

Memory Card ocean.jpg
Barbara and Dennis Gregory were on vacation back in October of 2008 when, unfortunately, they lost their digital camera over the side of the Queen Mary cruise ship.  They had damaged their first camera, and now with the second camera gone, they had no way to remember their journey.

Over a year later Benito Estevez, a Spanish trawlerman, caught something unexpected when he pulled his nets up: a digital camera.  "If it had been any other thing we would have thrown it back into the sea," said Estevez.  Not knowing who the owners of the camera might be, he decided to check and see if it was salvageable.  Surprisingly, the memory card still had a few photos intact.

Estevez posted the photos online, hoping someone would recognize them, but it wasn't until the story was broadcast on the BBC that he had any luck.  A friend of the Gregory's saw the program and let them know about the missing camera.

The South African couple was relieved to have their photos back.  "You daydream that it might happen that these pictures are going to pop up somewhere, but you don't think it's ever going to happen," said Mrs. Gregory.  "It's mindboggling."

And because some of you out there are wondering, I'm sorry to say that the make and model of the camera and memory card have not yet been revealed.