MEI and BMG Launch GoingPro for Aspiring Photographers

Going Pro.gif

Trying to break into a new line of work is tough, and when that line of work is photography, it's even tougher.  There's a lot of competition out there, and it's really hard to find good information.  That's why Skip Cohen and Scott Bourne created GoingPro.

Cohen says that he and Bourne had countless conversations with photographers that wanted to get into the business.  "Many of these photographers desperately need help in understanding the value of the service they provide, marketing and business direction and technical suggestions on how to become better photographers," said Cohen.

The original plan was to create a book, says Bourne, but it grew into something much bigger than that.  "Skip and I soon saw the need for a broader project which includes not only the book, but podcasts, a blog, webinars and conferences," says Bourne.  "I'm thrilled to have a chance to share my experience with emerging photographers and hope to help them become successful quickly."

The website currently hosts a number of blog entries covering different aspects of photography as a business.  They've also just launched the first in a series of podcasts.  You can check out the full site at