Meet the Pentax Cameraman - A Solution for Crying Kids


There's been quite the uprising of scorn and derision for the poor Pentax Cameraman, but this cute little guy could be a boon for those in the portrait photography business.

It's hard to get a kid to go from crying to smiling, or simply to get them to look at the camera, and most solutions involve shooting one handed, while the other hand proffers a bright toy for them to look at.  The Pentax Cameraman isn't an altogether new idea, but it is a novel approach.

The Cameraman makes your camera look like a fun toy, rather than a scary machine.  A smiling lens cap forms the head of a brightly colored rag-doll like character, while the body screws in to your tripod mount.   The downside, of course, is that you can't use a tripod while using the Cameraman.

Pentax's Cameraman is only sold in Japan at the moment, at a price that equates to roughly $33.  There's no word on whether this will come to the states, but it doesn't seem like it'd be too tough to whip up a Cameraman of your own.