May is National Photo Month

May is National Photo Month and the premier non-profit photography web site is celebrating! The site's "Let's Get Out and Take Spring Photos" campaign commemorates this long-standing annual tradition by encouraging photo enthusiasts to go outside and take pictures in their community. is posting advice from over 50 accomplished photographers on how to take great spring pictures and top US locations to shoot the most photogenic settings, monuments, portraits, landscapes, seascapes and more. The site also includes information on everything from shooting on a foggy day to photographing sailboats, sunrises and sunsets.

Some of their tips include: shoot directly into the sun with the camera in manual mode to avoid severe underexposure and create angelic backlit images. When photographing at night, use an off camera flash to help illuminate subjects. Look for heavy clouds to create a nice frame at the top of the image and cloud formations to lead the viewer's eye to the subject.