Mapplethorpe's Calla Lily May Sell For $80,000


Robert Mapplethorpe is an iconic photographer, and one of his most iconic images is that of a white lily.  A print of the image, entitled 'Calla Lily,' will be going up on auction at Sotheby's .

The photo was taken in 1984 as a part of a flower study that ranks as one of Mapplethorpe's most famed collections.  'Calla Lily' is the most famous of that collection, partially for its quality, and partially for its infamy as the cover of 'The Perfect Moment.'

It's all part of a larger auction that includes works from photography greats such as Irving Penn, Robert Frank and William Eggleston.  "This sale includes works by world-renowned artists who have pushed the boundaries of photography," said Simone Klein, head of photographs at Sotheby's, "from Eugene Atget in the 1920s to Mitra Tabrizian in this century."

'Calla Lily' is set to bring in a huge sum of money, with estimates as high as $80,000.