Manta Ray Steals a Canon 5D Mark II

Manta Ray.jpg

If you've ever had your camera stolen, you know just how bad that feels.  Travis Matteson can empathize.  He took his Canon 5D Mark II to Hawaii for some underwater shooting and had it stolen - by a manta ray.

Matteson was shooting for a travel show known as "Into the Drink," and was luckily being filmed by videographer Johnny Reidt at the time, allowing them to catch the thief red handed.  The ray grabbed the camera right out of Matteson's hands and swam off with it.

Luckily, the camera was dropped right near the dive boat after an eight minute run, and was simple to spot since the external lights were on.  The 5D Mark II was recording video at the time as well, so we get to see some shots taken by manta ray.

Even more luckily, there was absolutely no damage to the camera.