Manfrotto Introduces New Pro Video Tripod Heads

Manfrotto-HDdSLR.jpgThe latest heads from Manfrotto are designed with camcorders and HDSLRs specifically in mind. They include a counterbalance system to ensure smoother and easier head rotations, and are designed to be rigid during shooting.

"Manfrotto has always been proud of delivering the best value in camera supports and equipment to professionals around the world, and we continue to break new ground with the new 502 Heads," says Manfrotto product manager Wayne Schulman.

Both heads offer the Fluid Drag System which eliminates vibrations during tilt and pan movements and offer a longer sliding plate for better balance. The prime difference between the two is that the $200 MVH502AH features a flat base while the $225 MVH502A comes with a ball base. Both of Manfrotto's new heads are available now.

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