Man Injures Himself Building A Shoe Cam and Turns Himself Into Police

(Gif is from a re-creation of a Hong Kong Man who was caught with a camera in his shoe in 2013)

This is bizarre on all accounts. A Wisconsin man wanted to take upstart videos of women he came across in public, but he didn't want to use his cell phone or camera because, you know, that would be too obvious. So, he did what all secret agent perverts do, he built a spy camera. Or he tried to anyway...

The 32-year-old man attempted to hide a spy camera into his shoe, but the battery he was using exploded in his shoe during testing. Madison Police Chief Mike Koval told the Wisconsin State Journal:

"He said he had purchased a shoe camera that he intended to use to take upskirt videos of females, but the camera battery exploded prior to obtaining any video."

After the explosion, the man got treatment for his burns and then confessed his plans to his mentor, who is also a clergyman. His mentor advised the injured man to go to the police... and he did. 

Both the man and his clergyman mentor entered the police station and he turned himself in. 

"The subject was counseled on his actions and released, as no illicit video had been taken," Koval said.

You may be wondering if there is a law for this kind of thing, and it depends upon your state, but in Wisconsin, a 2015 law states:

  • "Whoever knowingly installs or uses any device, instrument, mechanism, or contrivance to intentionally view, broadcast, or record under the outer clothing of an individual that individual's genitals, pubic area, breast, or buttocks, including genitals, pubic area, breasts, or buttocks that are covered by undergarments, or to intentionally view, broadcast, or record a body part of an individual that is not otherwise visible, without that individual's consent, is guilty of a Class I felony."

That class 1 felony is up to 3.5 years in jail and up to $10K in fines. 

The really scary part isn't that cameras are getting smaller and smaller and that they make it easier to do this kind of thing, it's that there are places on the internet that sell cameras specifically for this kind of behavior, which make it a plug and play device.