Mamiya and Leaf Form a New Joint Brand - Mamiya Leaf

Mamiya.pngIt's not the most creative of names, but you can't exactly hold that against them. The two brands have joined forces to deliver a stronger worldwide strategy for their products and offer a whole lot more for consumers.

The new company says that this combination can only be seen as a win for customers. "Not only will photographers be able to immediately benefit from a highly advanced, fully-integrated medium format system from the industry's leading suppliers," says Leaf general manager Dov Kalinksi, "but they will also be able to enjoy powerful new products emerging from a unified R&D effort."

As Mamiya specializes in medium-format cameras and Leaf specializes in digital backs for medium-format cameras you can expect to see medium-format solutions as the target of the new company. Mamiya Leaf says that while some benefits will be immediate, the long-term is where this will help out the most.