Mamiya RZ67 Pro IID Digital Camera Back

Mamiya America Corp., Elmsford, N.J., USA, introduces the new RZ67 Pro IID digital camera back, offering advanced microprocessor technology for traditional film capture, while enabling direct communication of many camera functions to digital capture backs through its MSC (Mamiya Serial Communication) system. The RZ67 Pro IID shares all the features of the RZ67 Pro II, plus digital back communication. It incorporates MSC technology that allows wireless communication between the camera and digital backs.

Mamiya also launches the ZD Digital Back, designed for the Mamiya 645AFD and RZ67 Pro IID medium format film cameras. It provides full camera and back communication via its MSC data transfer. The built-in 22-megapixel 36mm-by-48mm Dalsa CCD imaging sensor is nearly three times the size of a full size 35mm D-SLR camera. The 14 bit A/D (Analogue to Digital) converter records information as 12-bit per color channel for color accuracy. Data transfer from the Dalsa CCD sensor is processed in real-time with its exclusively designed Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). Image data captured from the sensor is optimized for fast performance, with a frame capture rate of 1.2 fps. With its built-in SD and CF media storage card choices, the Mamiya ZD Digital Back can be used on- location or in the studio, tethered or completely wireless. The built-in 1.8-inch LCD imaging previewing screen and mode buttons are all located on the back end.