Make Your Own Laptop Platform for Tethered Shooting

Tethered shooting is a great setup when you're in a space that allows it. Obviously it's not for everyone, but if you can get away with keeping a laptop hooked up to your camera it can save a lot of time and make storage concerns disappear.

You can shell out good money for a laptop tray if you like, but if you've got a baking tray, a hacksaw and a little time, you can make your own. The concept is fairly simple - put a hole in the bottom of the tray, pop some foam on top, use a wingnut to secure the tray to the tripod - but there's a bit more to it than it sounds.

The folks over at DIY Photography have posted a nice tutorial on how to convert a baking tray into a laptop platform for all your tethered shooting needs. They've got the full details along with pics on their site.