Make an AC Adapter for a Camera that Lacks One

AC Adapter.jpgAs convenient as it is to be able to walk around with your camera all day, there are times where you need a constant source of power that won't go out on you after a few hours. If you have a camera that lets you plug into the wall then you're fine, but if your camera doesn't offer that, you can make one yourself.

Instructables user txoof ran into a bit of a situation when he wanted to take time-lapse photos with an Olympus E-510. There's no way to plug the camera in so he was left to improvise.

You can find his full tutorial over at Instructables, but fair warning - it's not exactly easy. You'll need to have basic woodworking skills and pretty decent knowledge of electricity. It's also a bit of a time consuming process, but it does the job!

(via LifeHacker)