Make a Cheap, Effective and Attractive Camera Case from a Shelf Liner

Camera Case-diy.jpg

Camera cases can be incredibly bulky, making them inconvenient for a lot of folks.  If you're the type who prefers to keep your camera in a pocket or purse instead of in a case around your neck, this project may be just the thing for you.

Scoochmaroo over at Instructables came up with this nifty idea that converts a drawer liner into a camera case in just a few minutes.  You just need a drawer liner, Velcro, a needle and thread, and scissors.

In all, the project shouldn't take you much more than five minutes and when it's all said and done you've got a nice sleek camera case that'll help protect against bumps.  It's not the sort of thing you'd want your DSLR in and it's not the case you'll want if you're going on a long trip.  But for a quick trek to the metropark or a night out, it'll do the trick.