MacBibble 3.0 Posted - New Interface and Very Fast

Eric Hyman emailed to let me know that he had just posted his latest MacBibble 3.0 for OS 9 and OS X. He tells me that the entire program has been redesigned to provide the simplest possible user interface with the fastest possible processing power. Thanks to a partnership with Kodak, MacBibble now provides the most accurate and vibrant color for images created by the supported cameras.

MacBibble 3.0 includes many improvements that provide for cleaner images with less noise and more perceived detail. It has been fully optimized for Macintosh G4 with special coding to take benefit of Altivec. How fast?  A Mac dual 1GHz G4 tower with 512MB RAM and OS 10.2 can process 100 Nikon D1X raw files to 3008x1960 JPEG files in 5 minutes and 50 seconds. In comparison, Nikon Capture 3.5 takes 52 minutes and 42 seconds!

Major new items in MacBibble 3.0:

  • Dramatic improvements in speed (virtually instant opening of raw files, and batch processing twice up to 10x faster) Full Compressed .Nef support
  • Support for new cameras, MacBibble now handles raw files from Nikon D1/X/H/100, Fuji S2, Kodak 720x and 760, Olympus E10 and E20.
  • All new camera Profiles and Professional Kodak Digital Science color engine.
  • Photoshop 7.0 support under OSX (including Browser and proper handling of JPEG colorspaces).
  • OSX and OS9 supported.
  • Firewire support for Nikon D1 Family
  • IPTC Captioning support.
  • Persistent Live Options.
  • Improved browser (Edit thumbs, rotate .nefs, sorting, sizes, etc).
  • Fully Multithreaded to take advantage of Dual CPU Machines.
  • Optimized for G4 Altivec.
  • Sticky dialogs.
  • Color Profiles Embedded and read in JPEGs.
  • Complete .pdf manual!