M-Rock Announces New Double Access Camera Bags

M-Rock-Double-Access.jpgSometimes the smallest things make the biggest differences. Take, for example, the humble camera bag. A bag won't directly affect your photographs or change the way you shoot, but a bad bag can get frustrating to deal with very quickly.

The new line of Double Access camera bags from M-Rock are designed to give you the most possible convenience when storing or removing your gear. As the name implies, you can open the bags from either the top or from the front - the first being optimal for when the bag is carried and the latter being the simplest way to access your gear when the bag is lying flat on the table.

M-Rock's bags will be available in four different sizes from the $100 Cascade 5020, which is made for compact and mirrorless cameras, to the $118 Pro dSLR optimized Everglades 5080.

Visit M-Rock's website for more details.