Lucky Photographer Has Missing Bag with $11,000 Inside Returned

Lost Camera.jpgOn Valentine's day, a couple visiting the Golden Gate Bridge came across a camera bag and decided to do the right thing. They waited for the owner to return to find it and when no-one did, they checked inside for contact information. In addition to the camera, they found $11,000 in cash as well as a wallet full of Chinese currency.

The couple then took the bag to the police, who were able to track down the original owner via an airline ticket that was inside the bag. That makes the photographer, referred to in the story only as Mark, one of the luckiest people around. If another pair of people would have found the bag, that cash may have disappeared for good.

Sure it's a heartwarming story, but there's a lesson to be leaned here. If Mark had a business card or another piece of identification ready, he would have been much easier to contact. People tend to be more likely to do the right thing when it's not a chore for them, and most won't wait for hours and then take the time to go down to the police station. Having contact info in your bag, or even as the first picture on your camera, can be a big step towards getting your gear back when lost.