Lowepro Introduces New Roller and Messenger Bag Series

Lowepro-messenger.jpgThe folks at Lowepro introduced a pair of new bag lines at the Photo Plus Expo today, one designed for those that need a simple way to carry their gear around and the other to fit in as carry-on luggage for the traveling photographer.

The Lowepro Pro Messenger AW series offers plenty of room for your photo gear, a slick appearance and a bit of customizability. One of the big new improvements though, is comfort. "We used the phrase 'when everything feels right' as inspiration for the design of our new Pro Messenger AW series," says Lowepro's Todd Grimmer. "It has the soft feel of classic canvas, yet it's made of modern performance fabric. It conforms to your body and sits nicely at the hip."

Lowepro's new Pro Roller Lite AW series is made to satisfy all of your airport travel needs and measure in at the right size that you're able to use them as carryon luggage. It's also designed so that it doesn't look like camera gear. As Treg Tyler puts it, "Its understated aesthetic makes it easy for a pro photographer to conceal his or her valuable camera equipment as they travel from one location to the next."

You can get my details from Lowepro's website.