Lorne Resnick Announces 2010 Travel Workshops

2005's travel photographer of the year Lorne Resnick is offering a variety of travel workshops for photographers ranging from novice to expert.  He offers instruction on the technique of photography, as well as the artistry, but also on things like workflow and time management.

Participants will have the opportunity to work with Lorne to develop their photography further to meet their own individual goal, whether they're shooting fine art or advertisements.    He'll go over some unconventional shooting methods and tricks as well as "The Eiffel Tower Paradox"; how to shoot an original image of something so iconic.

Trips already scheduled for 2010 include several national parks in the U.S. including Arches, Canyonlands, Yosemite, Monument Valley and Death Valley.  He'll also be heading outside the country to Wildlife Migration Safaris in Tanzania and Kenya, and even to Antarctica for a full two weeks in December.

Trips range from four days to two weeks and have a twelve participant limit.  Prices vary by location, with the cost of most US locations settling right around a thousand dollars and workshops in Africa costing as much as $12,000.

Information on preparation and what to expect on each trip is available on Lorne's site.