Loreo's Lens in a Cap 9005 Lets You Snap Stereoscopic Photos


3D is all the rage these days, but it was all the rage in the 1900s too.  Using devices called stereoscopes, people were able to look at two separate photographs and merge them into one 3D photo.  It's a lot like the 'Magic Eye' stereograms that were so big in the 90s.

The new Lens in a Cap 9005 lets you take stereoscopic photographs that you can print and then check them out with the included viewer.  You'll have to accommodate for a maximum aperture of F11 and a minimum focus of 1.5 meters, but it may well be worth it if 3D is your thing.

You can find the Lens in a Cap 9005 at Loreo's website for a price of around $160 after shipping.  It currently comes in Nikon N, Pentax K, Canon EOS, Sony/Minolta AF, and even micro 4:3 mounts.  Loreo also has a 3D macro lens attachment available in a variety of mounts.